The Pa6thological Players and the gamstop Usages

Players and the gamstop Usages

Playing is an essential human activity. The game is universal, it brings pleasure and reward. The vast majority of players have a “social” or “recreational” practice. For some people, the game will be excessive or pathological. When can we say that a player is a risky, excessive or pathological player? What are the consequences of pathological gambling? What care can be offered to a pathological player?

Definition of gamblingamstop Usagesg?

Gambling and gambling are characterized by 4 criteria:

  • Player bets money or valuables
  • The bet is irreversible
  • The player can either win or lose
  • Part or the entire outcome of the game is based on chance.

All games of chance and gambling are based on the principle of chance. Overall, this means that you cannot predict the outcome of the game and that it is therefore impossible to control its outcome. In a game based solely on chance, persevering in the game does not improve your skills, nor increase your chances of winning.

For poker, sports and horse betting, chance plays an important but not exclusive role. However, as current scientific research has shown, skill is not enough to win. In poker, the distribution of cards depends exclusively on chance. However, it is easier to be skillful when you have good cards in hand. For the casinos not on gamstop 2020 the general players can make use of the options.

Among the games of chance and money, we therefore find:

  • lottery games (lotto, scratch games, Rapido, Keno, etc.)
  • casino games (slot machines, roulette, etc.)
  • horse or sports betting

Since 2010, it is also possible to play in France on the Internet in sports and horse racing, poker, as well as in lottery games of the FDJ. Casino games are prohibited.

Beware of online games not allowed

These unauthorized sites involve significant risks, such as scams or money laundering. You can consult the list of approved operators with the Online Games Regulatory Authority.

For further some numbers

The different player profiles

For the majority of people, gambling is a source of pleasure and entertainment and their practice remains controlled. However for some people gambling can become a problem. This is called problem gambling.

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