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Going to Monte Carlo for the weekend? Do you want to try yourself in the game that you see so often on TV? Not sure where to start?A 10-minute express course in Texas Hold’em will help you to get everything you need.

Every two months or so, someone who travels to Vegas for a couple of days invariably asks me the same question:

What advice do you have about poker?

The answer to this question is this article. So if you want to test yourself in this game, read this material first and you will significantly improve your chances of success.This article assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of playing Texas Hold’em.If you are not completely familiar with the rules or do not understand some aspects of the game, take a look at the article on the rules of Texas Hold’em.

Is poker a gamble?

The short answer is yes.Long answer is no, but with some caveats. The gclub poker is a game of chance in the sense that you have no control over the process of receiving cards, you don’t know what cards your opponent will get or what cards will come on the flop. But you can control the moment when you need to invest in the pot.By putting chips in the pot in a favorable situation for you and folding cards in a disadvantageous situation for you, you can profit from playing poker for a long period of time.

Correct strategy in 30 seconds

  • In Texas Hold’em, a lot depends on the strength of the hand. Only the best hands win at showdown.
  • Therefore, you should plan to have the best hand at showdown before putting your money into the pot.
  • It all starts from the moment when you are dealt two cards.
  • You should only play the best hands preflop as they become the best hands after the flop.
  • Typically, you should play about 18-20% of all hands at a long 9-handed table.
  • This amount does not seem significant, and it really is, but it is the most beneficial way to get a positive result.
  • You will be wasting too much of your own money on weak hands and then returning them with good hands.
  • So play tight. As you know, “Tight is right” (literally “Tight is right”).

Your opponents

Texas Hold’em casino games are generally very loose. Many players in these establishments play 30% of hands or more.When your opponents play weak hands preflop, they get weak hands on the flop.Weak hands are the second strongest hands, and these very second strong hands will bring you money.

Hand strength

Remember your goal. You want to have the best hand by the time all five community cards are in front of you and the trade is over.

There is no single correct answer with which hands you need to go to showdown. Everything is relative here.

But by playing tight, you will be sure to make more of the best hands and fewer of the  second- best  hands.

During each distribution, you must take into account the cards that are on the board and the opportunities that they give you.Also consider the style of the opponent you are playing with and how the hand has developed.Poker is a game of information. Be a sponge that absorbs as much information as possible, and then use it to your advantage.

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